About us

Since 1980, we manufacture at the University of Zurich macroscopic replicates of human tissue preparations using a specially developed moulding technique. Our aim is to obtain flexible and very detailed natural repli-cates. We succeeded in making replicates of vessels, different brain preparations, noses and whole limbs. These replicates are robust and ready for repeated use. They were utilised at medical institutions in Switzer-land and elsewhere for teaching, advanced training courses and as practice objects for specific surgical in-terventions.

About the technique:
As a first step, we cover preserved tissue structures with a fluid mass of India rubber that enters even the smallest spaces. When the rubber mass hardens, we then fill this negative form with synthetic resin. Finally, the hardened resin is a positive form very similar to the original preparation.

brainreplixx – A spin-off enterprise of the University of Zurich