Out of which material are brain replicates made of?

  • Replicates consist of synthetic rubber that is especially  tearproof (1000%) gefertigt.

How soft and flexible are brain replicates?

  • For a demonstration, please, view the video clip.

How durable are brain replicates?

  • Since 2003, large number of brain replicates have been in use at the Institute of Anatomy, University of Zurich. They are still in use for teaching and show no visible deterioration.

How can one keep replicates clean?

  • Avoid any contact with markers and pens!
  • Color pigments can quickly infiltrate replicates and consequently cannot be removed.
  • Other contaminants are removed with dishwashing liquid.

Further considerations when handling replicates

  • To prevent contamination of brain replicates,we recommend the use of rubber gloves.
  • Only the included polypropylene boxes are suitable for storage of replicates.
  • Prolonged contact with other materials can lead to corrosion on both sides.

Can one view the lateral ventricles in sulcus replicates?

  • Lateral ventricles on both sides are completely visible.

How can one work on brain replicates?

  •  For a better view of the lateral ventricles, the rubber easily be cut with scissors.

Do further brain replicates exist?

  • Depending on demands, further models will be offered.

For further questions contact info@brainreplixx.ch


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